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Visiting Geoscientist Program

The Visiting Geoscientist Program has been set up to give students a chance to meet practicing geoscientists and to discuss geoscience career options. Speakers usually present a technical talk in their area of specialization as well as on career options and the best way to plan a career path. The speakers welcome an opportunity to discuss the changes which have taken place in the job market discuss new technical challenges.

Speakers are available to talk on many topics specific to petroleum geology and the geosciences including Environmental Geology, Energy Mineral. Hydrogeology, Oil and Gas, Unconventional  Resources, Climate Change, to name a few.

The Program was developed in 1974 by AAPG’s academic and industrial advisory committees. More than 200 colleges and universities have participated in the program which continues to grow through the interest and efforts of AAPG and the geoscience industry.

Some Visiting Geoscientists are restricted in their travel. VGs have been loosely divided into the following travel regions. Included is some background information, topics and titles of talks and the specific areas they need to restrict their travel to. When available, abstracts for their talks are also provided.

Eastern USA Central USA Western USA Nationwide USA Canada International
Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee - Travel limition of 400 miles
Florida, Southern Alabama, Southern Georgia (USA)
Eastern US
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin (USA)
Douglas G.  
Prefers the 7-state Appalachian area in the USA
Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana
Douglas Everett  
Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, & DC

Anatomy of a Visiting Geoscientist Visit

The visit may take place over one or more days. Schedules should be arranged by the university and the speaker working together. Suggested itinerary items are:

  • An introductory meeting with the head of the geology department, dean of the college, and other administrators.
  • A presentation on geoscience careers to a combined group of students and professors, followed by a question and answer session–colleges and universities are encouraged to open this presentation to other departments and the community.
  • A technical talk or short course, if desired.
  • An open meeting with small groups and faculty members and/or tour of classroom laboratory, and library facilities
  • An interview with local and campus news media
  • A final luncheon or wrap-up session with faculty members

You may wish to consider asking the VG to present the career talk a second time during the visit, either in a first or second year regularly scheduled geology class. This may help lower division students decide about a career in geoscience, while they are in the formative period of selecting a major. The informal discussion between the VG and students has received the highest rating in program evaluations.

We suggest that, if possible, the VG be provided a private office in the geology department so students may drop by for discussions.

Arranging for a Visiting Geoscientist
  • The VG speakers are listed alphabetically and by the region of their specific travel ranges. Speakers available across the continental US are listed under the VGs Available > Nationwide tab.
  • A topical listing which identifies areas of special interest for each speaker is provided in .PDF format for additional assistance in selecting a speaker. Please consider travel restrictions for each speaker when making a selection.
  • A sampling of titles which some VGs have provided is also available.
  • International speakers are becoming available in a number of countries. These are located under the tab VGs Available > International.

For your convenience in requesting a speaker, an online request form is provided or you may print out the form and fax it to Mike Mlynek, AAPG Student Affairs Coordinator. Please provide alternate choices for your desired speaker, in case of conflicts.

When the request is received, AAPG will contact the specified VG to determine availability. Response to the university and confirmation of dates will be made by AAPG or directly by the geoscientist. Final details such as date, time, duration of visit and specific subject areas of discussion will be arranged directly between the VG and the university professor. After the visit date is confirmed, evaluation forms will be furnished to the university and to the speaker so that both may evaluate the program immediately following the visit.

Under no circumstances is this program designed to provide free speakers for unstructured visits or guest lectures. Universities are asked to provide a proposed schedule along the guidelines outlined here before confirmation of the visit is made. The university's request and all arrangements for the visit should be made by a professor on the university faculty.

Volunteers for the Visiting Geoscientist Program are asked to share what part of the petroleum geology industry they are prepared to discuss. Some VG are restricted in their travel and are so noted within the topical listings. Click on their name to review their background and other topics which they have included.

Titles of these talks will be provided as abstracts become available.

Some speakers tailor their talks to meet the needs of individual schools, so titles listed are subject to change and are provided as an sample. This list does not represent all talks available nor does it include every VG available, so please refer to individual bios, topics of lectures or contact us to discuss your options.

To request a visit, simply fill out this form and it will be e-mailed to Mike Mlynek at AAPG Headquarters. Be sure to check your speaker's travel restrictions before making a selection. If you wish further information you may contact Mike as follows:

  • 1-800-397-4141 ext. 2653 (within U.S. or Canada)
  • 1-918-560-2653 | Fax: 1-918-560-2694
  • Email


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The primary objective of the program is to provide a vehicle for better communication among students, faculty members, university administrators, and geosciences professionals. A forum such as the VG Program is an effective means of offering first-hand factual discussion on the current energy situation, the role of geology in society, new developments and resources, industrial aid to education, information of mutual concern to academia and industry and most importantly, careers in geosciences. This could include an array of geology fields.

Most VGs are prepared to give a technical talk which will illustrate the application of geology to real world problems. The VG is also prepared to speak on employment in the geosciences industry, or such information may be communicated through question and answer sessions.


The program is fully funded by the AAPG Foundation and administered by AAPG staff with oversight by the VGP Committee.

The Visiting Geoscientist, or his/her employer, pays travel expenses to and from the college or university. The participating university is asked to provide lodging, meals and local transportation.

To facilitate visits from the Visiting Geoscientists, this website has the individuals listed according to geographical locations. Since the Visiting Geoscientist or his employer pays travel expenses, the likelihood of acquiring a speaker who is located near your institution is the greatest.